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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mathematics practice

spm mathematics tips........

paper 1: - 40 Question
             - 40 marks
             - 1h 15 m

paper 2: - 2h 15 m
             - working steps must be done
             - section a
             - 52 marks
             - 11 Question
             - section b
             - 48 marks
             - 5 Question

confirmed to be tested every year........
paper 2 ( section A)

1. Volume of solid
- most of the formula are given for this question.

2. Angles of elevation and depression
- using trigonometry rule......

3. mathematical reasoning

4. simultaneous linear Question

5. the straight line
- y= mx + c
- gardient

6. matrices
-inverse matrix*

7. Quadratic Expression and equation

8. Area and perimeter of the circle...

9. probability
-final answer 1>answer>0  

10. Gradient and area under a graph
- based on speed/time
-distance is area of the graph
- speed is based on the graph.

Paper 2 ( section b) answer 4 question.

1. graph of function.
- Linear functions (less likely to come out as it’s a straight line after plotted)
- Quadratic functions (2004 and 2005)
- Cubic functions (2007)
- Reciprocal functions (2006)
- this question is easy because you can detect the type of graph after you plot it.
-  elastic ruler is recommended
- x-axis and y-axis should be stated in the graph

2. Transformation
- Translation
- Reflection
- Rotation
- Enlargement ( careful with the word ‘to’ and ‘from’ because it determines the image   would be smaller or bigger)
- combination of transformation like VT
- do T before V. It's some kind of law.

3. Statistic
- Histogram ( 2004 and 2005)
= x-axis the upper boundary with an additional lower boundary at the front of the graph
= y-axis is frequency
- Frequency Polygon (2006)
= x-axis is midpoint
= y-axis is frequency
- Ogive (2007)
= x-axis is upper boundary
= y-axis is cumulative frequency
= additional upper boundary should be added to the table
= x-axis and y-axis should be stated in the graph

4. Plans and elevations
- well I’m not sure but what I can see is you must be able to imagine the solid from every side
-plan is looked from above
-elevation is looked from the side of the solid
-the length and the edge (ABCD) should be stated correctly
-similar to a chapter of the living skills in PMR

5. Earth as a sphere
- no comment because I’m not going to explain something that I’m not sure
-latitude is vertical and longitude is horizontal of the sphere
-nautical mile

 Additional Tips
1) You know doesn’t mean you can get correct, try to make less careless mistakes in    each paper.
2) See through the questions word by word as there will be some tricky part in the questions, especially ‘to’ and ‘from’ in enlargement.
3) Don’t be sad if you do badly in trial SPM because the odd might come to you in SPM.
4) Be sure to study smart, not study hard. Hope this helps.